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China pub beer keg connect coupler for beer dispense system
China pub keg connect coupler for groggery
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China bronze color stout beer tap with long handle
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Sell illex squid,squid,fish bait

  Additional information
Offer type :  Sell
Posted Date :  2018-6-1 15:50:00
Introduction:  frozen illex squid wr
size 100-150gr, 150-200gr, 200-300gr,300-400gr, 400-600gr
seafrozen jigger caught
100%net weight
packing in woven bag, 12.5kg/bag
Terms of Payment:  TT/LC
Departure Port:  chinese main port
Destination Port:  
Quantity Available:  100tons
Origin:  argentinia
Minimum Order:  25tons
Price for Minimum Order:  3.2

  Contact information
Company:  Fujian Tiandi Import and Export Co., ltd
Contact person:  Candy
Address:  Mawei, Fuzhou, China
Telephone:  0086-13305917431
Mobile:  0086-591-88026739
Fax:  0086-591-88026739
Url:  xx

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